Canadian Marriott visa members neglected?

Discussion created by yogib on Jul 6, 2016
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This spring I signed up for the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa card.


First of, we're paying $130 in stead of $80 as our neighbours to the south do. Only 50k sign-up bonus points in stead of 80k. No bonus night credit for every 3000$ we spend, no invitations to credit card holder events... Let's just say, it makes you feel a less-valued Marriott visa client living in Canada.


But then the card finally arrives and I start using it:

1) I can't download a PDF document of my monthly statement, I have to wait for the paper statement to arrive in the mail and scan it to properly archive it digitally.

2) The big Chase Canada computer just doesn't calculate the points right. In May I stayed at a Marriott property, which ended up charging 3 different folios (room, concierge lounge charges, all other charges) plus we had a small bill from the Delta property next door (we were comparing their mojitos). All these bills ended up as either 2pt or 1pt charges. I had to call in to get it corrected, which the call centre rep reluctantly did.

3) E-mail reminders need to be set up manually (reasonable), but are not interactive. So, despite that if I pay my balance immediately when my month ends (even before the paper statement comes in), I still receive all the reminder e-mails that I should pay.

3) The website is not very user-friendly. It looks like it never got a single overhaul since the early 2000's.


So far it has been a hassle to use the card. Is there any way Marriott can step up to Chase to tell them to update their system? And please introduce at least the bonus night credit for each 3000$; it's the minimum to do for the members that are already currently being penalized by a bad Dollar