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Was going to switch from another brand

Question asked by travelus1 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by andrewt

Recently I was sent a Taste of Gold challenge, due to changes in hotel chain where I am Concierge Level (their highest) having a million points collected.  I was looking at other options H..... or Marriott.  Gaylord in Orlando is always a treat regardless if just eating or staying there!  A few co workers recommended Marriott so I set out to stay 6 nights not understanding it needed to be 6 "stays"  but I stayed 9 nights and 6 "stays" and still was lowered to Silver status.  I tried calling customer service and man was not very understanding and said the promotion ended on June 30th, yes I knew that, I got the reminder Don't forget - this one ends 06/30/16.  I thought my stay on the 30th would count.  It was explained that I had to check out!  I stayed until July 2nd so I guess I am penalized for staying more nights? My co workers were shocked when I told them, as the staff at each location have been wonderful, which I found to be true but not the customer service line.  He continued to try to explain it was like playing a game and you either win or you do NOT! Really!  I mentioned had received an offer for Marriott credit card and was going to apply for that also, no response, said I can take my business elsewhere. "Okay" Good Bye.  Is this normal treatment of Marriott Rewards members?  Is customer service and rewards center difficult to deal with if you do come across a problem or try to use points?  If it is I would definitely rather move my loyalty elsewhere. Insiders what reward program do you like best?