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Lifetime Platinum Elite Card Received - Your thoughts?

Question asked by nationwide on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by nationwide

I hit the lifetime platinum milestone last month and was excited to get the lifetime card in the mail that I had read about on Insiders.  It showed up in the mailbox this week while I was traveling. 

Let me say that I love Marriott, and have been loyal for a long time.  I certainly intend to continue that loyalty for a long time to come, but I am thrilled to have finally gotten over the hump so I no longer “have" to achieve 75 nights each year. 

All that said, I promised in a previous thread to describe what I got in the mail when the card came. 

The card came glued to the inside of a “Live Elite in 2016 – 2016 Platinum Elite Benefits” booklet, just as any elite status card comes.  It’s always a nice touch when you have status for the year ahead to have things outlined for you so that you can maximize the associated benefits.

The letter inside the cover from J.W. Marriott, Jr. opens with sincere thanks and congratulations on achieving “Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite Lifetime membership status.”  I know we’ve seen a lot of back-and-forth as to whether “lifetime” is unto itself a status. I am not going to argue either side of that here, but it is interesting to note those words used in the opening line of the letter.  


This is where I suspect the marketing department missed the mark a little bit. In the second paragraph of the letter, Mr. Marriott indicates that he is “delighted to present program enhancements such as Redemption Stay Credit, allowing you to earn Elite credits with every stay you make – including stays paid with points.”  Of all the enhancements he could celebrate here, this is the one with no perceived value to a Lifetime Platinum member… we no longer need elite credits, right?

The third paragraph gets back to expressing his gratitude and appreciation for staying with them.  So, it finishes off well enough.  I am thankful for the card, the note and recognition of lifetime platinum status.  I probably would have felt even better about it if it had been a simple note, not attached to the standard brochure, and not drawing my attention to a benefit that works only for those needing to requalify.


On the whole, I would grade the letter and card about a B or 4 out of 5.  I recognize the value of Marriott Rewards, and my loyalty continues, but this recognition could be executed a little bit better for your most loyal longtime guests.  

I recognize this may be perceived as a little knit-picky, and I accept that criticism in advance.  What do you think?