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The worst RI I have ever stayed at - RI Tysons Corner Mall

Question asked by nacho on Jul 4, 2016
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This hotel is one of the worst hotels I have stayed at.


I'm a Platinum member, upon arrival my PAG choice wasn't offered, ok I'll give them a chance to see if they offer it later or to see if my stay was ok. The suite I got was tiny - the smallest I have ever stayed at - smaller than my room at CY Woodbridge.


Then the kids went to the pool, I was there keeping an eye one them while chatting with the lifeguard. When the kids got up from the pool (along with 2 other kids), some of their toes and fingers were bleeding. The lifeguard told me that she knew the problem and the told the management about it and they didn't do anything about it. So as you can see the picture - I put 4 band-aid on my kid - this picture was taken after a long conversation with the front desk after checking out. My other kids had band-aid on. There were 2 girls in the pool too and they had shoes on - I was wondering why and then when I saw the kids bleeding I know......- they were their long term guests so they also aware of the situation.




Apparently I'm the first one who complained - I really think it's a lie. The lifeguard told me that she told the front desk more than once and they didn't listen.


Then the breakfast was a joke, it was until 9:30 but then no milk after 9:15. We had to wait 30 minutes to get some potatoes.


Because of these incidents I decided to ask for my PAG compensation. Wow that turned out like an ordeal - the FDC said I can just grab a bottle of water, then I told her that I wasn't offered a choice. I then called Marriott CS for help and he said that the manager will sort it out. The FDC secretly added the 200 points that I haven't asked for - she told me that she has already put the points in.


Then I wrote another complaint letter to Marriott CS and the GM replied like this:


I do appreciate you bringimg the issues with the pool to my attention. This was our first complaint about the pool and I have brought this up with our pool company, who also provides out lifeguard services, to addess the issue immediately. I do hope your kids are ok.


In regards to the issue with not receiving your platinum gift. When you book on a 3rd party site, that information is not provided to us. It was not provided to us until you arrived at the hotel, by you. The Platinum gift was offered to you and our history shows the points were added to your account. Please be aware that you will not receive points for the actual stay as you booked through a 3rd party site and Marriott does not award points for these bookings.


That was like a big lie to me. First I booked it through Marriott; Second, there was a piece of paper with my status plus my account balance; Last, it doesn't matter where I book, I'm a Platinum member and I'm entitled to a choice of gift.


This hotel has some fundamental issues - they are trying to save $ by doing short cuts:


1. Charge $6/day for parking in a open lot without gate and extra security - I avoided this by parking my car in the next lot - and this is the thing that the FDC really remember to ask - anything that you pay they remember;


2. They use an either 1)equal to a robot 2)pretend to be a poor person FDC to block all requests to save money - from late check-out to honouring PAG compensation. I heard that they FDC told other guests that if they want a 1pm late check-out they will be charge half a day for it. Fortunately I don't need that, otherwise it will be another issue. When I raised the PAG compensation issue, she said she doesn't have the authority to pay out $50 to anyone who is asking for it. I asked her for the GM phone number and she said she can only give it out when it's an emergency.


3. Cutting cost at the breakfast - don't make enough and don't put out enough and stop earlier to save cost.


4. Possibly they feel that about the pool too.


@marriott - The PAG thing is a joke.