Life-time status + Point expiration policy

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  I ran across something very interesting and would like your opinion on it.  A good friend of mine (and a Marriott loyalist), worked 3 years on the road, non-stop.  He reached his life-time silver status and is 81 nights shy of Perm Gold.  He switched jobs about 2 years ago to spend more time with his family.  He had roughly 100k in his account when he left and now has 0 (because his points expired after the 2 year mark).  He wrote customer service and explained he was on the road too much (and wanted to spend time at home) and was wondering if he could get his points reinstated.  His new job didn't require him to travel anymore and so he hasn't been in a hotel in 2 years (my dream one day).


Customer service wrote back and mainly told him No (which comes to a surprise to me seeing that he spent 419 nights within 3 years with them).  The alarming part of the email it states that after 5 years of no-activity, his account will be deactivated (See below).  I know we stay at the Marriott chain for Life-Time status (among other things) but can the "Life-Time" Status be stripped from us due to inactivity?   If so, that doesn't appear to be "life-time" to me but more of a conditional life-time status.  I understand the points (which seems weird) but I am more curious about our life-time status.





Taken from the email:

"if the points in a Marriott Rewards account are forfeited, the points cannot be reinstated, but new points can be earned on that account unless the account has been deactivated.  An account will be deactivated if a member does not have qualifying activity on an account for five consecutive years."