2016 CLT Renaissance Suites Review

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Thought I'd share my review of my recent stay at the Charlotte Renaissance. This is cut and pasted from my survey I submitted. So. we'll see if I hear anything back. Sorry in advance for the length just a lot of little things that added up...


By far the worst experience at a Marriott property since I became a member.


Before arrival I had used the mobile app to request an early check-in at 1500. Upon arrival we were told that our room wasn't ready and that it should be shortly due to the fact that they were sold out the previous night and having a wedding and family reunion over the weekend. We sat in the bar area and waited for about an hour before our keys were brought over to us. My platinum status was acknowledged and I elected to take the points over credit.


I had reserved an executive suite as a treat to my wife for our anniversary and to have some extra space. The room as a whole was sparsely furnished and did not really meet the description online. There was a table for 6 not 10 and the vanity was single not double. As we approached the room there were empty pizza boxes strewn outside the door. No bottled water in the room either (free mini bottles or pay bottle). Additionally I normally request a feather free room just because I don't like the pillows but we didn't have a duvet either. Just a very thin blanket with a few holes in it.


I ordered room service at around 4:30 and was told that the dinner didn't start until 5:30 which was fine. Actually, the steaks were rather good although the potatoes were a bit cold. Overall a good meal. I called after we ate to let them know that our tray was in the hall.


In an effort to resolve some of the issues I walked downstairs. I spoke with the representative (may have been Jordan I spoke with a couple) and said that for the next day’s stay I'd like a duvet as well as some water in the room. I purchased two bottles of water and a couple sodas for the room at this time as well.


Around midnight, as we were just falling asleep we were awoken by the fire alarm. We evacuated the building and waited until things were clear to return to our room. After getting resettled we were again woken with a fire alarm at around 6am. Our tray from dinner the night before was still in the hall. These made for a tiring early morning drive a couple hours west to visit family. And we were told someone had bumped the same alarm as previously.


As we returned from our long day of driving and visiting family we were looking forward to a nice relaxing evening. Entering the room there was still no water and no duvet and our shampoo/body wash had not been replenished. Additionally there was a straw and paper on the floor next to the bed and the table we ate at had not been cleaned. Upon further inspection there appeared to be food under the glass in places we didn't eat.


Once again I went down to the desk and spoke to Echo?, I was told later that's who it was since she didn't have a name tag. She apologized and told me she could get it resolved and give me some extra points or credit if we hadn't eaten. She also asked if I wanted to speak with the MoD, which I said yes. She gave me his card and I expected a call from him (Kyle Dehont). I never received a call. We did get a call from housekeeping which questioned my wife about why we needed a duvet if we wanted a feather free room. The description of the tone from my wife was snippy.


Jaquetta (I think this is the correct spelling) came up to our room and resolved the duvet issue and returned with water and the toiletries we were missing. She seemed a bit shocked at the number of issues and wrote them down to deliver to the GM as well. I also expressed to her that I would like a call from him as well. She said she would pass this on. She was very customer service focused and if more employees at this location acted more like her maybe some of these issues would have been avoided.


I'll be interested if I get a call or points or anything in response to this survey. I don't always get to travel with my wife for leisure and I was really hoping for a better experience.