Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott Security Concern

Discussion created by landguth on Jul 5, 2016
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I recently had the displeasure of staying at the Tulsa, Southern Hills Marriott.  We had some travel delays along the way and arrived later than normal, approximately 10 PM on July 1st.  When I had viewed the property online it led me to believe that it was one of the nicer properties available in Tulsa.  Unfortunately, this is one of those properties that was built as a convention center in the 60s and the city has grown up around it.  While the parking lot was exceeding large and I could park my truck and travel trailer it was also extremely dark and with a security presence that was not visible.  I expressed my concern with the desk staff upon my arrival.  They were happy to contact hotel security and I expressed my concerns.  The security man on duty walked out to the parking lot with me to see where my vehicle was parked and assured me that they made rounds every 30 minutes and would provide me a room facing my vehicle and would make an extra effort to watch the vehicle.  The front desk staff indicated that if I didn't feel secure there that they would help us find another location in a different area where we might feel more secure.  I felt more secure and decided to stay.


What a difference a night makes..... The next morning my wife and I were looking forward to having breakfast since the Concierge lounge was closed during the weekend.  We went down to grab some things out of our camper and found a gang of 4 guys hanging around the back of the camper.  I came upon them suddenly and said hello and unlocked the camper so my wife could get something out of it.  The group ambled away from the back of the camper towards the street.  We locked up the camper and headed back to the front door of the hotel.  As we headed back I noticed the group slowly walking back to the back of my camper.  When I got back to the entrance I noticed another group of four had just walked up behind them.  I told my wife to wait there and I was going to go back and move the vehicle.  I got back, hopped in the truck started up and drove away quickly.  I tried to find another spot to park away from the group near the entrance and could only find an area large enough across from the main entrance that was actually marked as a fire lane.  I parked there temporarily so I could go in and talk with the front desk staff.  When I relayed what was going on in the parking lot the older lady told me "you better go move your vehicle".  When I asked about security she indicated they weren't responsible for any security in the parking lot.  So that's a new twist for me, as a long-time Gold member with over 550 nights.  I'm curious how the management of the hotel and corporate Marriott feel about their responsibility for the safety of their guests on their property.  I'm assuming it's not the same as the desk clerk communicated.  At no time did she mention something as simple as  "please hold on and let me contact security so they may address your concern".  I told her that the only place I had found temporarily to park was outside the door in a fire lane.  "You better move it or the police will ticket you".  Guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that my only other action to take would be to go up to the room, collect our things and take them to the vehicle and leave.  It really would have been nice to have breakfast ...  My advice to anyone traveling there is to avoid this hotel.  While some staff appear well trained and capable of helping you, others are terrible.