Famous NYC Waldorf Astoria Closing for Renovation & Condo Development

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WOW, did this every come as a surprise to me when I stumbled upon it today:

Waldorf Astoria New York Closes For Renovation & Condo Development On March 1, 2017 | LoyaltyLobby

Very very sad news for those who have stayed at this iconic hotel over the years.

My wife had yearly conventions starting Easter Weekend lasting a week for almost 20 years, it was like a second home to her and now to learn so many of the rooms will be renovated and sold as condos will certainly give her a tear in her eye.  To think of the lobby bar Sir Harry's Lounge possibly not being there anymore where so many after convention hours were spent, employees we got to know in catering, restaurants, bellmen and more

We got to know the hotel inside and out, how to get from one floor to another using back routes and hallways, we found ways to view events through cracked doors in the historic Grand Ballroom with all it's chandeliers.  To think of the huge events held in that ballroom is mind boggling, famous actors and world leaders that have enjoyed meals there as well as her conventions closing night events and then the beautiful front lobby and entrance all of it possibly being gone just doesn't sound right.





Would love to learn of other Insiders memories of The Warldof before it closes March 1, 2017.