Marriott removing points for stay 10 months after stay

Discussion created by dgordon on Jun 27, 2016
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In July 2015, I enjoyed a five night stay at the Paris Opera Ambassador Hotel.  I had made the reservation in December 2014 at which time they removed the points from my account.  This month June 2016), 10 months after the stay, I received notification that they had removed the points from my account (again) as they said the hotel did not have a 4NC8 (award) certificate on file.


I have questioned this as "highly suspicious" as no hotel would allow me to check in if I had not paid or they had an award certificate on file.  They would certainly not wait 10 months to later take the points from my account.  And it is Marriott's practice to remove points when you make the stay - not upon check-in.


I am unable to check my points history online, as you are only given access to one year.  My four requests to Marriott to see a breakdown of the points have gone ignored (including to Justine Cressonnier at The Paris Marriott;  Sherry Harmon of Marriott Customer Care and Mr. Arne Sorenson - President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International).

I am a Marriott Platinum member and am quite surprised by their suspicious behavior towards of one of their loyal and highest-spending customers.

Any advice?

Darryl Gordon