Platinum Member  to  Argent , with 0  Points  now, never go sick

Discussion created by klaus29 on Jun 22, 2016
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hi, all


exuse my englisch, i am happy to be back  with you   24  months ago  i get my  free  upgrate in a governeur suite  in the JW Marriott  in  Jakarta


with  my Platinum  Status  and my points  and nights


then  i have a probleme  with my healty, and impossible to  make any  reservations... now it is possible; ; but i am  nathing  now;  6 years in the row


i   wars  platinum member; and now    i am   Silver member  wth  0   points  and 0 nights 


i hope  Marriott  will  me give back my platinum status  and my Points;


good  luck  to all


Klaus  29