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Is it me or is the Marriott IT systems and customer service falling apart?

Question asked by maikalal on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by phctourist

In the last few stays I have had at Marriott, getting points and nights automatically and correctly credited has been a hassle. I  book through the mobile app or online, the reservations show up on my upcoming reservations, I stay at the hotel, final folio shows rewards number correctly - but guess what - no credit for nights or points on the account!!. What a hassle. Then the exercise begins to scan the bill, wait for 10 days (count the days so not to forget), upload and hope someone will respond. And more recently, no response from customer service despite submitting online. Its been about 2 weeks after I submitted a missing stay credit request. No response.  Earlier I had booked 2 rooms, got credit for only one room. Emailed 2 times, not one response from customer service. Just gave up.


Not only is the automatic credit system broken, I think the customer service is falling apart.


For active travelers like me, the hassle of keeping track of accurate credit is just not worth it. I have been a loyal customer for last 3 years but my patience is running thin given all the extra work I need to do and on top of that, lack of a response from their service department. I have to figure out what my options are. Maybe Marriott is not my cup of brand .... and I need to find another chain that will better service its frequent customers.


Ball is in your court!