Trip to Aruba:   I Was Insulted As A Woman (Marriott Stellaris)

Discussion created by drlandrum on Jun 21, 2016
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I have two issues that I wish to discuss here, though they are on the same subject area:


Issue # 1

I completed paperwork for a sales pitch for Marriott Vacation Club and was promised 20,000 Marriott rewards points just for an hour and a half presentation. As I said, "I completed paperwork, with my name and my spouses name as secondary." I am a rewards member. I have my own points. No where on the form did my husband put his rewards number or even sign the form. Only I signed that form. It was not any kind of contract, and even if it was, is a woman who earns her own money as a Ph.D in private practice not seen by them as capable of being number one on a contract. Well, the problem came at the end when we told them we were not interested. As the last of four sales men completed the end of our "presentation," he then handed my spouse the paper for the rewards points with only my spouses first and last name on it. I told him I was the one who completed the form etc, and he just said "oh well" and said goodbye. I think this was extremely disrespectful. I felt like I didn't even matter, like a second class citizen.

Issue #2


The second problem came after we arrived home.   I got an email survey today, that had my spouses name on it (my name was no where in the email) and was asking him how he enjoyed the trip...  I guess the woman who paid for the trip using her Marriott Visa and her doing the checking in and checking out didn't mean very much.   My spouse was listed as second traveler, and I was listed as lead traveler because I made all of the reservations with my card...   I'll bet they don't bill him...

I can tell you that I felt/feel insulted, and that I did not matter at all!   If I were traveling alone, that would not have happened.  I know, because I travel alone a lot. 

I'd just like to hear how some of you folks feel.   I just like to be treated fairly.   I want nothing more or nothing less...