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Bad review of Courtyard Chesapeake Greenbrier, 1562 Crossways Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Question asked by mike7777777 on Jun 21, 2016
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Since Marriott has stopped allowing members to post reviews I will put the discussion here.


Has anyone else had a bad experience at this property?

I saw a few reviews that stated the Bistro staff was rude but our experience was a nightmare. *** BEWARE OF THE BISTRO ***


We were up real early and needed to get the team fed and on the way to Norfolk State University by 0715 AM. The property does not begin to serve breakfast till 0700 AM, so I purchased sandwiches and such from Duncan Doughnuts and setup in the Lobby/Bistro area. As soon as the crew began their meal a person that identified himself as a manager told us we were going to have to leave with the outside food. I explained the timing issue, and told him we would be out of their way before they opened. He showed no interest in hospitality or compromise and told everyone to leave. We refused to leave and asked to speak with the general manager. He stated that none of the other manager work on the weekend. We stood our ground and he retired to the kitchen. In our mind the disrespectful situation was over and we were again focused on our day. We finished or meal, cleaned the tables, and were headed back to our rooms before the Bistro opened. When we were getting ready to leave the Bistro was just opening and I got a cup of coffee on the way out. I overheard one of the staff tell the other that I was the ***** from earlier, so we must have been the talk of the kitchen. Regardless, I got my overpriced Starbucks coffee and left. Half way to the ball field I took a sip of my coffee and got a mouth full of coffee grounds. I pulled over, expelled the coffee grounds, and when I poured out the coffee I saw that it was over half full of coffee grounds. I have provided this information to the property general manager Karen Vick, and to the owner Bob Patel. Both stated that they have no proof of the incident and that they have know the staff member for a long time. After sending emails to a couple Marriott VPs I got a call from a Mrs. Lisa Henry that told me the property was independently owned and the matter would have to be handled by the property manager. Needless to say, I am beyond irate. I am not asking for anything except someone within the Marriott leadership team to acknowledge the magnitude of this persons actions to sabotage a food item. It could have just as easily been a cleaning product that was put in the coffee. If you have had a bad experience with this property please post it here.  Mike