Rate change after booking

Discussion created by marriott_neo on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by john_thai

I booked a Fairfield Inn 3-4 weeks before the stay. The email which I got mentioned the cost as $264+$342+$175 for the three nights. The marriot website now shows my reservation with an updated cost of $273+$264+$342 for the same three nights which is an increase of $98. I have attached the screenshot below and have the email for confirmation.


I can get the rate fixed as I have the email as evidence. But, my concern is that how can Marriott change your hotel rate for the same room type and dates without notifying. Do I have to check the cost for all the stays I made in the past to check for any such other discrepancies ?  This is not right and makes me worried. Searching and booking for a hotel in NY is a hassle. On top of that, things like this forces you to think if you have to recheck the cost before checking in, after checking out and also make sure that the right amount was charged on your credit card.