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Complaints to upper level executives?

Question asked by heatherly32608 on Jun 14, 2016
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     I have been a platinum member for at least 5 years now.  I am not one to complain but my wife and children stayed at our MVC Resort at Marriott Grand Vista in Orlando.  We own two weeks there.  We had a security issue come up with a guest in a room next to my wife's.  Loss prevention had to be called on 9 separate occasions in four days.  The general manager, Pana Utpaul, refused to move the guest because he was afraid of being accused of racial profiling.  At one point the guest got so out of hand saying my wife was prejudice against Muslims that FOUR Loss Prevention guys had to intervene.  It was a nightmare for four days.  The manager refused to move the guest, and he was not an owner.  The entire situation was handled inappropriately and I want to reach out to someone in corporate.  My wife has been speaking to someone by the name of Mary Proia in the corporate office in Orlando, but she is even giving my wife the run around.  She is telling her that the district manager, Paul Ryan, is too busy with other issues to call her back and with this type of a complaint it would be handled internally anyway and she is not privy to the details????  Are you kidding me?  We own four weeks of timeshare and the last time I checked had almost 1.4 million reward points and we are not valued?  This manager ruined 4 days of my wife vacation and I would like to speak with someone.  I was unable to growth them because  Army duties arose and my vacation had to be cancelled.  My wife had to endure this gentleman yelling racial slurs at her for four days and several of the loss prevention guys were witness to his ridiculous behavior towards my wife.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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