Stated Rate on Reservations Page - Is it 100%?

Discussion created by benbuck6 on Jun 14, 2016
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My daughter is about to be a princess in the Miss Mississippi Pageant, basically a contestant picks a girl below 10 to ride in the parades, make appearances, and be in the show part of the pageant with her. It is a week long affair with rehearsals and the pageant itself. We made reservations in April for this week. When we made them we were stated and its still stated on my reservations through my Marriott online account...$99 for weeknight and $109 for weekend.

We started looking at the schedule and we thought we could save some money by just coming home the first day because its not a late day and the next day doesn't start til 1pm and we live about an hour and half away. So, I went online to modify the dates and when I looked at modifying the rates have gone up and increase each day leading up to the pageant topping out at $189/night the actual 3 nights of the pageant. I simply got out of it and kept what I had, it was cheaper just to keep the extra night than to modify.

Now, I'm worried they are going to try and stick me with the current stated rate and not whats showing in my account of the rate at booking. Is that a valid concern? Im going to call the hotel to make sure. Anyone have nightmares with anything like this or is this something that's common?