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Does booking 10+ rooms ever accrue extra points/benefits?

Question asked by cerealtrader on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by carat

Several times a year my sons soccer team travels out of state to play in tournaments, and I am usually the one who coordinates travel for them.


Sometimes we receive a "tournament rate" for our rooms; however I'm wondering if anyone who travels with teams or larger groups ever receives any additional rewards compensation for booking such trips- I do not.  I am able to  attach my Rewards number to my room plus two additional rooms.


Next month we head out of state again- I have booked nineteen rooms for three nights (and we are receiving a tournament rate for the rooms). I'm just wondering if Marriott ever rewards such group bookings with a little something extra for the coordinator on the trip?


Edit:  I have been reading more about booking group events/event planning under "Rewarding Events".  The Marriott site seems to imply that the coordinator should always be receiving credit whether or not they pay for all the rooms- I have never received any sort of credit other than regular points for room stays (and have booked perhaps 15 Marriott tournament stays over the years..