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Looking at Hotels at Disneyworld. Delta?

Question asked by nmballoonist on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by mrmcgoo

Driving from Atlanta to Orlando to take my daughter to Disneyworld to participate in the Disney College Program this fall. Looking at the early August timeframe since she is checking in on Aug 8th.  The Delta near Disney Springs has a great promotion rate for elite members, $100 a night, but since it is a new addition to Marriott I don't see much about it here on the site.  Anyone have any experience with this location?  Pictures look like it might be comparable to a CY. Hard to beat the rate even with the parking fee, plus I can also use my certificate for one of the nights since it is a Cat 5.


I can also get a good rate at the Courtyard Lake Buena Vista inside the Marriott Village which is also very close to where we need to be, but for $10 a night more can stay at the JW closer to Seaworld, but a longer drive to what will be her apartment and the casting building.


Any insights will be appreciated.