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Claiming missing stay

Question asked by janeysm on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by coopsterman321

I booked 3 nights at  Marriott Ginza, Tokyo. Whilst I was there I extended and stayed an extra night - so stayed 4 in total.

When I checked my account I was only credited with 3 nights. I sent a copy of my account which clearly showed the 4 nights  and copy of  my credit card bill to claim a missing night.

Received an email back saying I should check my account as it had been credited- checked and it was still only the 3 nights.

Since then over the past  seven weeks I have sent a total of another six emails ( some to the stay.add address- some to customer care and some to the link direct from the complaints page).

I have not had on reply and the missing night has not been added.

Any suggestions- this is ridiculous- how hard can it be to verify and then amend.