Delta Brand Badge

Discussion created by bejacob on Jun 13, 2016
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There's been a lot more discussion on the Delta brand lately, particularly the property in Orlando. I'm still not seeing this, though.

Delta badge.png

I'm sure a few folks have already made the requisite 2 paid stays at Delta since the brand became part of the Marriott family.


Now would be a good time to get this done. Once the Starwood merger is complete, the entire badging system will either need to expanded or it will become obsolete. Sure there are bigger tech issues that need to be addressed. This one should be easy to resolve. At this point it's time to bring the badging system up to date or scrap it entirely. I probably have as many of not more of this "digital bling" than most, so you know if I'm suggesting scrapping it, something's up.


brand badges.PNG