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Staying At Inter Continental Hotels Through Marriott Points

Question asked by bigred on Jun 10, 2016

Each year my wife and I use our abundant Marriott points to take a one week at least "holiday" some where we both want to go. To me it is a "payback" for me being a "Road Warrior"-once was just US only but now the entire world-and not being "home." She manages a 600 bed hospital so how much did she really miss me?


Any way, this year we stayed at the InterContinental in Barcelona Spain.  After 40+ years of being loyal to just three companies, United and Marriott(only way to do it out here is to become an "expert" on what just these companies offer as well as Hertz for cars) we travelled for "free" all the way home and back.

So all of you out there reading this, are we the only ones who know about the Marriott points being accepted at InterContinental Hotels? Intercontinental is really a luxury chain.....believe me Ritz Carlton would love to emulate their operation.....Love to hear from anyone on the question of using points for such a luxurious stay including the fifth night FREE!......All the Best BigRed