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upgrades to suites

Question asked by seanjaz on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by rewired&happy

I am a lifetime Platinum members.  Some of the comments here are making me wonder if I am getting my fare share of upgrades to suites.  So, let me ask, for those of you who are platinum members, how often do you get upgraded to suites?


Here is my estimate of my experience


Marriott - 5%

Renaissance - 50%

JW Marriott - 0%

Residence Inn - 80%

Fairfield - 0%

Ritz - 0%

Courtyard - 0%


Is your experience different?  I must admit, I never ask for upgrades, and recently I usually check in via the mobile application, so I don't even have a chance to ask for upgrades