Problem with Marriott Grand Flora - Rome

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I recently completed a paid one night stay at this hotel, in an oval suite.  This was the only room that looked to be big enough for my wife, young daughter, and I that also had a sofa bed.  We stayed here the last night of our time in Italy; we had to get up very early the next morning to catch our flight home.


I contacted the hotel twice before our arrival to ask that the sofa bed be made up for my daughter upon arrival.  I received confirmation that this would be done.


Upon check in, I asked about the sofa bed.  I was told that they had it noted and should be ok.


We went to the room and found it to be hot.  I assumed this was the case because it is one of those rooms that needs the key to be inserted into a slot to turn on the power for the room.  We also found the sofa bed not to be made up.


We went out for some final sight seeing.  On the way out, I stopped by the front desk to ask the bed to be made up for my daughter.  I was told that it would be.  I had thought the temperature thing would be taken care of when we were back for the night and I inserted my key in the slot inside the room.


A couple of hours later, I returned to the room to get a few things and found the situation the same.  I stopped by the front desk again and requested the bed be made up now.


When we returned for the night, the bed had been made up...after two e-mails in advance and three in-person requests.


The temperature was still very warm in the room.  An hour after we had been there and had the key inserted, it was still very hot.  I started playing with the thermostat and found that there was no display on it at all.  I assumed the digital read out was just broken, but I couldn't figure out how to use it.


I picked up the cordless phone next to the bed, referenced the directory, and dialed 9.  No answer.  I did it again.  No answer.  A third time.  No answer.  Then I tried to call room service to ask to be transferred, no answer.  Again, no answer.  So I made my way down to the front desk.

I told them that I had called down numerous times but no one answered.  Then I told them that the room was too hot and the thermostat did not have a display.  I asked how I could make it more cool.


The response I got was that they, the front desk, had to adjust the temperature.  WTF?!  So I asked them to do that.  They offered to set it to 15 Celsius; I'm not good with temperature conversion but that sounded too cold so I suggested 19 (if it had worked, that would still be very cold I know now!).


An hour later after the kiddo had the bath, the room was even more hot.  We put the kid to bed in shorts, no covers and she conked out.  I again tried to call down on the cordless phone to no avail.  So I used my cell phone to call the hotel, internationally...racking up charges.  Yes I could have gone downstairs again but I hadn't got great results on my prior attempts to get things resolved.  I got transferred to the front desk and relayed the information.  I told them it was even warmer and asked that they make sure they lowered it, and to lower it even more.


About two hours later, I'm still awake.  My wife finally fell asleep, and the kiddo is asleep as well.  I make another international phone call because they don't answer the phones internally and told them it was still hot.  They offered to send someone up at this point.  I declined the offer.  At this point, I wanted my daughter to get as much sleep as she could; I didn't want to wake her, and I didn't want to move rooms when they clearly had control of the temperature.


About ten minutes after that call, all of the power in our room went out.  I figure they threw a breaker or something to try to reset the AC unit.

At 4:30 AM, I woke up and it was finally cool enough that I could cover up with the sheet and not sweat.


In the morning, I didn't even mother communicating this to the front desk staff.  I was pretty peeved, and in a rush.  I did send an e-mail upon our return and just got a reply back today.


That reply blew me away.  It gave me a "sincere apology", followed by a "but all our rooms have the thermostat but without display as a choice of Management."  WTF kind of four star hotel (or whatever it is) does that in Rome, in the summer?  Absolutely ridiculous.


I had asked for compensation for the issues I encountered.  I asked for specific monetary compensation.  What I was offered was a "free upgrade in a beautiful suite overlooking Rome" on a future stay to make that stay a special one.  <begin snark> I had actually wanted this past stay to be a special one, and that is why I booked one of those beautiful suites overlooking Rome. <snark ended>


I'm sure I did something wrong here, most likely not letting them come in at 10:30 PM or moving us to another room (which would have had the same insane temperature regulation issue).  But really?  They believe guests to be too stupid to set the temperature in their rooms?


I'm at a loss.  Not once did I tout platinum this or lifetime that.  (though they were nice enough to put a sign on the front desk letting me know that I was one of 59 plats at the hotel).


I feel like the response I got was a pretty decent sized F-you.


Thoughts?  Suggestions?