Ritz Carlton Dallas, TX

Discussion created by boomer on Jun 5, 2016

I apologize for this delayed review.  Back in 2010 I attended a conference held at this hotel and the conference had a deal of rooms at $199 a night here.  I stayed at the Renaissance for about the same price to collect the points as at that point Ritz did not award Marriott points. 


Fast forward to August, 2015.  I was asked to attend a vendor meeting that was being held here.  I arrived on a morning flight and arrived at the hotel at around Noon.  I was planning on having them hold my bags while I explored Dallas but to my surprise, not only was my room ready but, due to my Marriott Platinum Premiere status they had upgraded me to a suite on the 4th floor.  The view out the windows was nothing to write home about but the suite was awesome.


The living room had a massive large screen TV and comfortable couch, good sized work desk and a Nespresso machine.  There was also a bathroom off the entry hall.


The bedroom was ample sized with a comfortable King bed.  The bathroom was typical Ritz, massive with a soaking tub.


This property appears to be somewhat modern but has an older feel (in a good way).  The bar is large with lots of wood and attentive bartenders.


What made this stay even better than it already was, were the doormen.  It was over 100 degrees and I asked for direction to FedEx Kinkos that was about a half mile away as I needed to do some printing and shipping.  They gave me walking directions and apologized that their house car was tied up otherwise they would drive me.  I enjoy the heat so I was fine.  They gave me a cold bottle of water and off I went.


I detoured from the route slightly and, as I was waiting to cross the street noticed a Rolls Royce or Bentley (can't remember which) roll up on the opposite corner.  As I started to cross the driver's window rolled down and someone started waving to me.  It was one of the doormen.  The house car had returned just after I left and he drove around looking for me.  He handed me another bottle of cold water, drove me to Kinkos and then waited for about 15 minutes before driving me back.


While "over the top service" is the standard among the "ladies and gentlemen" at the Ritz, this exceeded my expectations!


The rest of the meetings went well.  Meeting rooms were comfortable and the food (as well as the service) was excellent. dallas