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Discussion created by taxman193 on May 29, 2016
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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I recently sent an e-mail to Marriott through their web site to ask that they correct a problem with missing points from a recent stay at a Marriott hotel in Buffalo NY. I sent this e-mail on May 6th. In the past, I usually received a response within a few days. I waited and waited and did not hear back so I finally found an e-mail for the manger of the hotel.


The manager of the hotel was terrific. He explained that they had a software issue where government rates were not receiving points. He made sure I received my points plus he gave me some bonus points and he followed up with me through e-mail later to say they corrected the software error. He was great.


My issue is that I did not hear back from the Marriott Customer Service rep until May 26th, almost three weeks after I sent the e-mail. Her response was that the points were now posted. I explained that the points were posted now because I took matters in my own hands and contacted the hotel manager directly and that it was a software issue and not just a 10 day wait period issue.


The fact that I waited three weeks to get a response from Marriott Customer Service is unacceptable  I guess I could have tried calling my Platinum phone number but it is just easier to send an e-mail where I can list all the facts, reservation numbers etc.. Three weeks for a response !!!! What is going on with Marriott Customer service? I complained to the lady that finally did respond and she apologized and said they were way behind in answering e-mails. I guess so since it took three weeks to respond! I hope this is not a reoccurring trend.