Muhammad Ali Exhibition London

Discussion created by tommo781 on Jun 4, 2016
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I was so sorry to hear about the death of Muhammad Ali today.  I remember when I saw him on the TV when he was very young, and thought he would be truly great one day.  For once in my life I was right.


While we were in London last month, staying at Marriott West India Quay, which is only one tube stop away, we went to the exhibition 'I am the Greatest' at the O2.  We went because it was something that interested me, but contrary to all expectations, Mrs Tommo really enjoyed it too.  There was so much about his life, not just the fights, and it was a truly great exhibition.  It was well laid out, had lots of old film – and I don’t mean just of his fights, and a lot about his background and what inspired him.  He was not just a fighter, but a thinker, and at times very profound.

As usual it was to quote Banksy “exit through the gift shop”, We have great friends in York in the UK, and we are always sending newspaper clippings and other bits and pieces between us.  There was a plastic travel card holder, with “I Am The Greatest” in big letters on one side, and a picture of MA on the other.  So I got one, and crossed out “travel card” on the sticker and wrote “bus pass” instead (UK Insiders will totally understand this) and sent it to my friend.  He was over the moon and found it hilarious.  We were not to know that less than 3 weeks later MA would be dead.


The exhibition is on until the end of August, and I would recommend it to any Insiders if they are in London.