No combined Marriott and SPG program till 2018 - Official

Discussion created by brightlybob on Jun 4, 2016
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I was having a bit of a lurk at the new experiences marketplace, which incidentally I found a little too expensive points-wise, although a couple of the once-in-a-lifetime do look interesting, interesting enough for me to examine the Q&A, only to find the most interesting thing on the experiences website, the first ever official confirmation about a combined scheme.


For there, at the bottom of the Q&A is the following:



Marriott does "not anticipate launching a newly combined program until 2018" - This is significant as it's the first confirmation that Marriott's plan is to combine Marriott Rewards and SPG and an acknowledgment that it will take till 2018 to do so.


We have long speculated there would be a combined Marriott/SPG scheme but it was always possible that Marriott could run the two as semi-detached, we also speculated that it would probably take until 2018 to get the IT together, so whilst in some respects there's nothing new here, the official confirmation certainly is.