JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America - Review

Discussion created by clebert on Jun 1, 2016
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Very close to the Mall of America light rail station so you can take the train from the airport or to downtown Minneapolis.

Opened in Nov. 2015 - modern and in great condition

Indoor pool

Nice restaurant on site

Good CL

Connected to Mall of America if that's what you're after

Very close to airport


Not so Good:

Service was not as good as I've received at other JWs - needs improvement

Small rooms

Mall of America is basically just an oversized suburban mall - JW is too nice for this type of shopper/tourist

40 min. train ride to downtown takes awhile if your primary goal is to get/be downtown

Hard to get heating/cooling adjusted in rooms - either too hot or too cold



I give this property a thumbs up.  It is a beautiful property and although it's smallish, it represents the JW brand well and will be even better when and if the staff shapes up and starts acting like they're working at a 5-star hotel.  They've got a ways to go.  The CL was small but beautifully appointed, although it seemed understaffed and staff wasn't friendly and didn't seem engaged.  We had to ask for them to refill the coffee pots at breakfast, and the staff person who was asked seemed pretty indifferent about helping.  The front desk was not good.  The person who checked me in was not at all engaged in the process and acted like she wished she was somewhere else.  She assumed I was there for a conference that 2M was having.  I told her I was not part of the 3M group and said my conference was at the Radisson (the other hotel connected to the Mall of America) but I was staying at the JW because "I am loyal to Marriott."  Big smile from me!  She didn't care and seemed annoyed that I was wasting her time.  Later she mentioned the 3M meetings, and I politely said I was not there with 3M but I was going to meetings at the Radisson but staying at the JW because "I am loyal to Marriott!"  She couldn't have been less interested.  I called the front desk twice during my stay, and both times they seemed a bit put out that they had to answer the phone.  I asked for a late check out, and the front desk seemed annoyed at my request and gave me an extra hour.  Front desk needs some training on how to treat guests.  This property is too nice for this sub-par level of service.


I wish this JW were downtown as that's where I usually need to be for trips to Minneapolis.  If you like the Mall of America, this hotel is connected and a great retreat from the mall madness.  I paid $225 and thought it was very good value.  I am not sure I'd pay $350 or more which is often what these rooms seem to go for (I've been watching this property since it opened).  I will return when visiting family in the area.  I might return when visiting for work, although most of my meetings are downtown.  So I might stick with the Hotel Minneapolis which is my favorite downtown Marriott property.  It may depend on the room rate.


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