Very Bad Experience in Mobile, AL

Discussion created by benbuck6 on May 31, 2016

My wife, my 3 kids, and myself set out this long Memorial day weekend to celebrate birthdays, a nephew's graduation, and his going away party as he is leaving to join the Marines in a few weeks. We have had the room booked since May 2...2 queens and the pullout sofa at Springhill Suites Mobile, AL. We stopped along the way and had a birthday supper for my wife which was going to put us arriving in Mobile about 1am. I called and informed the hotel we WOULD be there and they reassured me that it wasn't a problem. We arrived around 1am and the Night Auditor was there to check us in. She started looking at the computer and I could tell she was upset with someone. She then told me that my room had been given to someone else and she only had 1 King with one pullout. She apologized and offered to send me to a "sister property" Hilton Garden Inn. I told her this was a 3 night trip, could we fix it in the morning? She assured me we could...wrote a note for everyone else to see...and asked me to come down in the morning to breakfast and then get with the front desk.

The next morning I woke up, went to breakfast, and went to the front desk and explained the conversation I had with the Night Auditor. The young lady said that no one had checked out yet of a queen room (it was about 8am), but it shouldn't be a problem. I explained that my family and I were going shopping and that we wouldn't be back until 4 or 5 - was this going to be an issue? She assured me it wouldn't. We returned at 5 and I went to get things changed and they booked the room AGAIN!!! I started getting angry and it was showing, although I tried to remain as polite as possible but I was getting extremely frustrated. Now another woman (this is the 3rd I've seen) was working the front desk and she said she would call her GM and see what to do. I waited and she came back and said that her GM said that she could call a cleaning staff back in to clean a recently checked out of 2 queen room if I wanted. I told her I definitely wanted that to happen. I informed her that we had a dinner party at 6:30 and we would be back after to switch rooms and she said that would be fine.

We go eat with family and return to the hotel ready to have this behind us and now there is a man at the front desk (4th person I've seen) and I go over all this again with him and point to the book and note originally written by the Night Auditor and he tells me they are overbooked by 16 rooms. Then says something about they probably reserved their rooms before I did and I got bumped because they filled up a week ago...I pulled my reservation and showed him the May 2 confirmation so, negative on getting in before me. Then he told me that reward Members most likely bumped me out...he hadn't even looked at a computer screen to really know my, I told him I AM a rewards member. Then he told me that a Gold or Platinum Member bumped me. So, they bumped me before all these non reward Members. He said they were booked with reward members which I knew was a lie because of the original response of the Night Auditor...basically, saying they just gave my room to someone else and shouldn't have. The woman appeared from the back that I had talked to before I left for supper and then she basically called the guy a liar. She said, "Sir, your room should not have been booked and you switched. That should have never happened. Because it did, it has messed up the system and we are overbooked. I don't have anywhere to move you. I can call the GM and find out who did this to your reservation and have them deal with the employee if you like."...Yes, yes I would like it very much.

We left the hotel and thankfully my oldest son who is 15 and 6' tall,  was miserable sleeping on a couch with his 12 year old brother, was asked to spend the night at his cousins house. He stayed there the remainder of the trip. We came in late, leaving my oldest behind, and the Night Auditor is back behind the desk. I go to her and tell her the events of the day and she is fuming, but holding it in nicely. She then explains what happened. Basically, there was a basketball AAU tourney in town (kids thru HS) and a few teams had booked through Expedia and also a group of ladies on a tour bus were there...also booked through Expedia...NOT REWARDS MEMBERS. Whoever worked that night switched me to a king to accommodate one of their request. I have to admit this ticked me off but it was nice to have someone just point blank tell me what happened.

The hotel is 8 months old and I think it hasn't found the right employees yet. The Night Auditor was the only one that appeared to have a clue. I hope they get their stuff together because that was a miserable experience.