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Interested in Vacation Club....Platinum Lifetime....questions on ownership

Question asked by yachtzone on Jun 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by jimbomarie

So, I am almost 50 and a Lifetime Elite Platinum with Marriott.  My uncle passed away and my aunt is wanting to sell me their Platinum week in HHI.  I have never owned a time share, but have wanted to stay at some of these properties for vacation without much success over the years. 

I know that there are two different programs....actual week ownership at a particular resort and some sort of POINT Ownership that I haven't investigated yet either.  My aunt only wants what they paid for their timeshare at Barony Beach (HOW DOES THAT WORK?).

With my son getting ready to to college, we can start being more flexible in how we vacation, if we want to go somewhere else than HHI. 

So, I am hoping for those of you that are well versed in the two types of products that Marriott Vacation Club offers and have time to write me with detailed thoughts and instructions can begin typing.  I really do appreciate the help.  THANK YOU