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Found Ring is 'lost' 3 days after it should have been mailed

Question asked by drpau on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by techie

I am at a loss as to what to do, and am hoping I can get some guidance on the best way to handle this situation.


In a rush to check out from my stay at the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis to make a flight, I had left the wedding band my mother had worn on the rim of the tub. I wear it on a chain, and had taken it off to shower, forgetting to put it on.


The moment that I realized I didn't have it on (about an hour after I had left the property), I called the hotel and reported it missing. Not hearing anything back, about 2 hours later I utilizing the Marriott app, I checked the status of the search with the chat function of the app.


To my surprise and delight they had found it, but the housekeeper who had taken my information had written my number down wrong so they couldn't contact me. I was offered to have the items held it for me to return and pick it up or mailed it to me. I provided my mailing address and a credit card so they could ship it to me since I would miss my flight if I went back for it.


This was Monday May 30th in the afternoon. I was informed that I would see the tracking info in the chat part of the app, I also asked for an email with the tracking information.


Today (June 2nd), I received a call asking me to provide the estimated value of the ring for the insurance portion of the FedEx form. To my dismay, they had not yet mailed it out. No problem I thought and gave a quick low balled estimate and informed the person that the ring was priceless because it was an heirloom. She said she understood, and would email me the tracking information in a moment. She couldn't read me the tracking number because she had misplaced her glasses. 


30 minutes later she calls me back and informs me that the jewelry is missing. The envelope that the items were in is empty and she has no idea what happened to them.


I'm devastated. Does anyone have any advice on how to move forward? I am expecting a call from Loss Prevention and she said she would be calling Corporate as well. Should I file a police report? Anyone deal with something similar before?


Any guidance would be incredibly appreciated!