Atlantis Earning nights and reservation process

Discussion created by treofred on May 31, 2016
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I'm new to the community but a long time Marriott Rewards member. I've made a booking for Atlantis through the Marriott website (although it looks like a redirecting website) and would like to know if I will be credited for the stay, both points and nights wise. This is a bit of a sore spot for me as I'm almost a lifetime platinum but it looks like in the last three years Marriott keeps changing the rules (sometimes randomly!) to prevent some night stays from counting. I've had explanations of:

     - My nights did not count because they were prepaid

     - My nights did not count because of a promotion at the location I went too

     - My nights did not count because they were booked through a 3rd party website.


HOWEVER, I've had reservation made through 3rd party website/special event/prepaid who DID count more recently (which is why I'm getting really confused on what the rules are )


For Atlantis, I had a couple slightly better pricing/added features opportunities from 3rd parties but ended up booking through the Marriott site to make sure I would get credit. However, right now my reservation (which has been confirmed and fully charged by Atlantis) does *NOT* show on my list of reservation for my Rewards Number


Could somebody please please give a final expectation on what to expect and how things work?


Thank everybody