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Disgusting experience in Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel

Question asked by alexnjoo on May 27, 2016
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Just want to share my recent experience (2016, May 22-23) in Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel

Stayed here for business, the properties is OK, up to par with any other Marriott hotel.


Things got disgusting as I woke up in morning, brush my teeth and prepared to take a bath.

The water is brownish color.

Called the hotel, they sent an engineer to see the problem.

Engineer came, saw the problem, doing his things, and said it will be fixed within 10 minutes

After 15 minutes, try to see whether the problem is fixed, but its not.

When I drain the tub, you can see a clear marks of traces of sands??? Dirt??? Steel grams???

All is listed in the picture enclosed.


So upset, decide to talk to one of the Duty Manager Mr. Vitaly Turchinsky

The Duty Manager came and all he does is smirking, and never provide an explanation on whats happening, not even apologize.

He only smirk and listen, and in the end, there is nothing we can do. What do you want?? Is this the level of DUTY MANAGER in Marriott?????

I just wash my mouth with that kind of water, and all he said "nothing we can do, what do you want?".... I felt so horribly disgust on what happens in this properties, and the level of attitude towards customers.

I dont waste any second, I just pack up and leave the properties.

I hope someone, someway, somehow, my problems is ready by the Marriott management.


After checking here and there, one of the reception inform me, the problem has been happening since last night.

According to them,due to change of season, they (the city of Moscow) are draining the water system, so the whole area is affected.

I found this explanation is ridiculous, however I decide to call Marriott Tverskaya where I stayed a week before, and they informed me, there is no such problem in their properties. The Marriott Tverskaya is just approx 4-5 blocks away from this disgusting Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel, so go figure.

Even if there is such kind a problem, if the hotel management know the problem since last night, they should have inform the guest by notes or something and prepare a bottle of mineral water for washing mouth/brushing teeth. They cant let this happened like this.

Thank God I dont drink Tap Water, I cant imagine what happened to the people who drink tap water that morning


On the craziest note, the attitude of Vitaliy Turchinsky is simply unacceptable to any standard.

Just smirk/smile and say 'nothing we can do', 'what do you want'.

I want you to care on what happened to the hotel guest!!!! and start think/do action plan!! Not smirking!


Upon check out, I also notice 2 other guest complaining the same thing to the reception.

I dont know what happened next, I just left

I try to upload the pictures, but it seems an error always occur during upload eventhough the pics size is less than 2mb in total



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