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Are there internet connectivity standards?

Question asked by solkua on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by solkua

Traveling for work, internet connectivity is critical in my choice of hotels but recently service has been spotty in hotels I've stayed at. True Marriott properties are consistent but the Springhills, Courtyards, and Fairfields are all over the board. I've spent too much time with their help desk line and asked to download the speed test app and it has been enlightening how spotty connectivity is.


In my stays I've been told that the highest floor doesn't have great connectivity, sometimes poor connection because of wind, better connectivity from a restaurant across the street, speeds per speed test of 0.53 Mbps, and one hotel tell me that "enhanced internet" is the same as the other despite them showing it as more expensive (waived for me as Platinum).


Shouldn't there be a minimum download and upload speed to advertise that you have wifi? Too often I have to use my cell service to get better connectivity and it doesn't seem locally the hotel has any interest and just points you the 800 number. Curious in others thoughts? Sending a complaint does nothing. Each hotel tries to suggest that your phone or computer is the problem but miraculously is great at neighboring establishments/hotels, Starbucks, other.