WORST hotel experience ever!

Discussion created by 702rugbyref on May 25, 2016
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It is unfortunate that I find myself writing this but it is for the consumer.

I had a meeting in a nearby Embassy Suite but chose to stay at the Renaissance hotel located in Stapleton, CO due to my loyalty. Upon check-in, the front counter server offered me a set of ear-plugs...yes that's right ear-plugs to which I asked why. She responded they have been getting considerable complaints regarding train noise from the nearby tracks.


Well, unfortunately these complaints were absolutely justified. Even I appreciate the sound of a train whistle now and again but apparently the whistles are constant at least 2-3 times every hour and it got even worse towards daybreak. what is surprising is how loud the outside noise is in the rooms, including the adjacent highway noise. This hotel is absolutely horrible from any provision to dampen the noise pollution from both trains and vehicles. I would have cancelled my stay upon check-in simply because of this 'warning' with the gift of ear-plugs as my welcome gift but given Marriott's cancellation policy, I would have lost out.


It is clear that this hotel is all about the money and not a positive customer experience as I also looked on the hotel's website here on Marriott.com and nowhere that I noted did it disclose any issues with noise. I would be curious to know the number of complaints that would have been levied against this property. It is shameful that anyone would have to experience this, including this Platinum Elite member. VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTING.


BTW...I actually made an audio recording from inside from room of the train horn blast.