Help me plan a very brief stay in the UK...

Discussion created by 7 on May 25, 2016
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So, with the weird way I plan things, my family will be flying back into Gatwick so that I can then send my wife and daughter off on a separate flight two days later.


Initially, I was just going to stay at the Gatwick Courtyard because that would be easy with the luggage and whatnot, but it would also be kind of a waste of a whole day so I started looking around at what isn't TOO far away.


I'd really like to go to Stonehenge and Bath and saw that Bristol is pretty close to those and it seems to be about a 3-4hr bus ride from Gatwick.


So, I was thinking of:

A) Land in Gatwick and hop on the bus to Bristol. Do the Stonehenge/Bath tour the next day. Take the bus back to Gatwick the next morning.

B)Rent a car instead, but still stay in Bristol and do the tour and everything the same.

C)Rent a car and just drive to those places on my own rather than taking a tour in which case I could stay in Gatwick or Bristol or pretty much anywhere else (I guess this would let me get by with only 1 day of car rental).


Please give me your suggestions on which I should do (or an option D I missed) and if you recommend a rental car what company do you recommend?


Edit... I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but if I stay after the girls leave for just a few days I can go to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice. That would be pretty cool. Now I have to rethink everything.