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NIghts payed by Company doesn't count for personal rewards points ?

Question asked by eliodamore on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by jerryl

Dear Community,

I spent 6 nights in Marriott Marina del Rey Hotel (Los Angeles) in April 16 and the bill was directly payed by my company, so I did the checkout getting a paper with 0 USD bill, which I haven't kept.

I've provided my Marriott Rewards card details to the booking agency and I had the reservation even on my mobile by using the Marriott App, but after a month I discovered that the points were not accredited, so I called the Service Desk:

With big surprise they told me that when the stay is not payed with my personal credit card, points are not assigned ???


Please can you share your experience ? Is it correct that Marriott Hotels do not assign points to the customer which is staying at the hotel if the bill is not directly payed with a card owned by him/her ?


Thanks in advance for your contribution to this discussion, of course the result might change my choose for the future as other hotel chains always assign points to who stayed regardless of who payed and my company prefer to pay directly to simplify the Expenses reimbursement process.