So much for Platinum Elite and Customer Service!!!

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  Not that I think it will really matter but, I have decided to share my absolute disgust with you about my recent experience with Marriott.  On Sunday the 5/19/16 I called the Marriott reservation line in an attempt to get two rooms while using my 259,000 Marriott points.  I was told that I could only get one room on points at this particular location but, if I wanted to pay for another room I would be allowed too (so much for Marriott elite).  I made one reservation for one night at one hotel and a two night reservation on points at another hotel (30 miles away), both using my points.  I was told to continue calling to see if a cancelation had come through so that I could get two rooms at the same hotel.  I called back Monday, Tuesday, and finally Wednesday I was told that I would be able to have two rooms at the same hotel while using my points. (Before this I spoke with many non-English speaking reservation agents).  After I thought my reservation was made for two rooms Wednesday afternoon I praised the Marriott agent and asked if I could fill out a survey.  I was transferred to the automated survey line and gave a great review that I would now like to retract.  I had no idea that the agent had completely messed everything up. I ended up with the same conformation number for both rooms and I did not catch the mishap on her part. Today my 16 year old son and three of his friends were stranded over two hours away with no place to stay.  I made multiple phone calls to Marriott’s call centers 18002282100, 18005354028 and was privy to more hold time than anything.  Not one time did I ever use a foul word to any of your associates and if truly recorded you will hear my frustration.  At one point I was put on hold to speak to a manager named Mr. Hampton.  My hold time for him was over 30 minutes and finally they just hung the phone up since I wouldn’t hang up first.  I took a screen shot of my phone with your 18005354028 number and a time below of 40:35.  I waited that long simply because my son is important to me!! I called back multiple times attempting to speak to Mr. Hampton and ended up with hold times around 20 minutes, of which I took more screen shots that I would love to send to you.  As a former diamond member with Hilton, I was never treated this way!!  I was finally given MR. MARRIOTTS number and hoped this issue would be resolved.  The associate was friendly but in the end said that there was nothing she could do.  When I asked if Marriott would accept any blame for the situation I was told no.  I have stayed in Marriott hotels at least 40 nights so far this year and this is how I am treated.