Points for food and beverage at Marriott even if you aren't staying

Discussion created by bejacob on May 20, 2016
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Here's some news that has been hinted at for a while.


Marriott testing rewards program for food and beverage purchases


Though it's not something I do often, I've occasionally stopped into a Marriott property for a drink (most recently in NYC at the Marquis after seeing a show). Looks like those purchases could earn points in the future (other than the points earned for using the MR credit card to pay the tab).


So far the test market seems to be restricted to D.C. and environs. I'm not sure this would make me go out of my way to stop in to eat or drink at a Marriott location, but I'd certainly welcome the additional points for something I already do once in a while. I might even consider doing it a little more often.