Looking for better Promotions from Marriott

Discussion created by manishm on May 23, 2016
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First of all this is my first post in this forum and I don't wish to sound negative.. I have enjoyed my stay with Marriott a lot and looking forward in future...


This post is about marriott promotions for regular customers like me. I suppose many of us are traveling Monday morning and returning thursday evening.. staying  3days a week in marriott..  I am staying for last 3 years with Marriott and on an average spending 125nights/per.. I cannot see much benefit with current promotions as it is looking to pull short term customer.. Just came to know about new Summer Mega Bonus Promotion starting May 26th, this start from May 26 and ends in September,2016 with per stay bonus of 2000 points.. I am planning to stay 15weeks (50days) during the same period and hence this promotion doesn't make any good sense or beneficial for long and regular customer like me? for me this promotion will mean gaining 10000 points similar to any other customer staying for only 5days during this period with 5 billings of 1 day each..

I have Hilton Hhonors membership as well and looks like they have a better deal during the same period, 2x points for each stay with no upper limit.. Marriott offers always comes with upper limit.. I would like to know if Marriott does offer any such kind of deals to regular customers