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Although Marriott properties are more than happy to save the expense of daily room cleaning, crediting the Marriott Reward points offered to forgo this service is more problematic.  I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Victorville Hesperia Ca April 23-26 2019.  The check in clerk offered 250 points per day to forgo daily room service.  I accepted the offer and the room was not cleaned once during the 3 day stay.  The points were not credited upon check out.  The hotel staff said they would be credited to my Platinum account in a few days.  It's been nearly a month and the points have yet to be credited to my Rewards account.  I called Amy, the Courtyard Victorville Hesperia manger May 10, 2016 and she assured me the points would be manually credited and it would take about 3 days.  I called the Courtyard yesterday May 18, 2016 and Amy is in training this week, but they would credit the points and call me back to confirm.  Today is the 19th of May, no call back and still NO POINTS TO FORGO ROOM CLEANING FOR YOU!