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Discussion created by shoeman1000 on May 18, 2016
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I was just on the phone with Marriott with the purpose of booking a hotel stay next week.  I went through the 800 #  and was re-directed to a fella that introduced himself as a member of the Travel Concierge Desk group.  In a nutshell, apparently Marriott now has a super-exclusive group to pamper their best customers.  I asked if this was a part of, or taking the place of PP and was told that this is even more dedicated and exclusive than that.  The fella mentioned I was in the top 1%......   Anyway, as the name implies, this group will be providing an elevated service level to those so fortunate to be part of the group that will be experiencing this Concierge Service.


Anyone else heard of this yet?  Perhaps not, as the gentleman I spoke with said this was their 2nd day....


This is a perfect example as to why I have the loyalty to Marriott that I have and I look forward to the pampering.