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Marriott Rewards Redemption, prepay in full

Question asked by amwny on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by carat

I was looking at a Punta Islita for a future stay a travel package. I have a Category 5 package and  was planning to add the necessary points to book the Category 8 resort. However, I am somewhat baffled by the "prepay  in full"  designation for a point stay.  Usually, the heading  is simply Marriott Rewards Redemption where one makes the reservation and then calls Marriott Rewards to upgrade and apply the package.


My  impression is that I would have to do a dummy booking to determine if the desired dates  are available  for points, and  then call Marriott Rewards to both make the reservation and up-grade the package with points.


Has anyone had any experience with  a "prepay in full" rewards reservation such as I am considering?