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Question asked by fistuk on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by brightlybob

Here's a situation I couldn't find any answer for in the Marriott's policy:

You booked a suite (or any high level room) in a hotel but upon check-in you find out the hotel can only accommodate you in a lower level of room or even a regular room (due to any reason possible).

Marriott's Ultimate Reservation Guarantee and\or Guaranteed Room Type for it's members doesn't refer to such a situation, but only to walking you out situation or a different bed type situation.

Even if some of you think the Guaranteed Room Type policy does handle this kind of situation, you're wrong since the up to $100 compensation involved (depends on the hotel brand) will probably never compensate for the rate difference between the rooms.

So what happens in such a case? I couldn't find any reference to that in Marriott's policy... what do you think?