Warning: May cause points-drooling II

Discussion created by brightlybob on May 16, 2016
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In an act of flagrant Plagarism I'm ripping off wesleywc's earlier thread which introduced IHGs USA summer promo Warning: May cause points drooling

Now allow me to introduce IHGs international "Accelerate" promotion.

This ones not as simple, nor as generous, as the USA Version, but is very high earning for comparatively less effort. So my missions to accomplish between 1st June and 31st August, should I choose to accept, are:

1. Stay once in June for 5,000. Already booked

2. Stay once for 6,000 bonus points. Already booked

3. Stay 7 nights for 14,000 bonus points. These include the first 2 and I'll make the effort to get the remainder, I already have 5 reserved.

4. Make 2 reservations using the IHG App for 2,600 points. No problems, I often use the app

5. Globetrotter, stay once outside home country for 8,000 points. Yes, already booked again!

6. Buy points for 1,000 bonus. Buying 1,000 points will only cost $12

7. Redeem for 1,000 bonus points - I already have a Pointbreak (bargain 5,000 point night) planned!



Bag the lot for another 13,000, giving a total bonus of 50,000 points for only 7 paid nights and a single redemption. Compare that to Marriotts last megabonus where I only managed the Cat5 cert because I couldn't reach the 15 nights needed for a deeply unimpressive 20,000 points.


Now, now fellow Marriotteers, try to stop that dribbling, it ill-behoves us. Ugh, points-drool...



Again, to plagarise Wes, "Turn the Hubble around Marriott and get a good look at what a real mega-bonus looks like. Your move Marriott!"