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Is there even Customer Service Department at Marriott????????

Question asked by garyw on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by dansplan

I'm hoping that I will get a quick response via this method because sending email to Marriott customer care has been futile and a webform inquiry I sent two days ago never received a reply and I just gave up following a lengthy wait on Marriott's customer service 800 line which never resulted in my reaching an agent. To add to this frustrating experience, I would ask my questions directly with the hotel in Berlin, but there is no email address listed and I do not want to be charged with an international phone call for something that should be easy to answer on your end. At this point, I am ready to look at other hotel options for my 8 night stay in Berlin since Marriott's customer care has really fallen short and left me exasperated in responding to these very basic questions.

My questions:

1. I reserved a junior suite because it offers a sofa bed. I then saw that the hotel has other, less costly (at least this was the case two days ago and I might have missed the opportunity for reserving a lower rate for a smaller room) for a room with a sofa bed. However, there is conflicting information regarding furniture in rooms at the hotel. Kindly advise if there are sofa beds available in other rooms at the Courtyard Marriott in Berlin.

2. Does the hotel offer coin operated washer and dryer for guest use?