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Question asked by jw2004 on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by hassmh

I guess I need more of an explanation of my rewards account, I tried calling and the person on the phone was not forthcoming with info.


Ive had a Marriott rewards card and pretty much only stay at Marriott, for work and personal.  I use it a lot for work and thought I was receiving nights for all my stays.  When I called earlier I was told since I booked thru my company website I don't receive nights, all along I thought I was receiving nights, otherwise how do I have 31 for the year.  I guess I am earning other ways? 


Im a little frustrated, been in a Marriott for about a month, two different hotels, so I thought at minimum I'm earning nights, but now I'm told I'm not.  I could easily stay at another hotel, but always choose Marriot.


Very confused.


Thanks for the help in advance.