Pet Fee at "Pet Friendly" Locations

Discussion created by brander2016 on May 17, 2016
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I am ashamed of Marriott, and angry as a Rewards member that a one-night stay at a TownPlace Suites resulted in the room costing almost double the price quoted on the website. We took a short trip to Galveston, TX and decided last-minute to bring the dog because we saw "Pet Friendly" listed as a feature of the hotel. We could've just as easily left the dog at home, as we would be back the following day shortly after lunch. Nowhere was there an asterisk that specified that this "amenity" would cost as much as the room itself. We only found out after driving an hour and a half to the hotel, and the woman at the desk called our room with a vindictive tone to inform me that I would need to sign a pet waiver and pay an additional $100 for having the dog with us. I asked her if there was any recourse, as the booking on the site gave no indication that we would be required to pay such a non-refundable fee. She gave us a "discount" of $25 for being Silver Elite members. Either way, I find Marriott's practice on this issue to be nothing short of deceptive business practice. I got an email from the manager of the hotel after leaving a bad review on the website. He essentially said I should've dug around on the website for their pet policy before taking advantage of the "amenity" -- I gave a one word response to him. Horsesh*t.