I just had a wonderful experience with Customer Service

Discussion created by pey on May 12, 2016
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This afternoon I called customer service.


I had a simple question related to my MR rewards annual cert, which the rep answered quickly, I then asked about a missing stay which has been lingering for a couple of weeks. She checked the status and told me that it was still in reservation status from the hotel and added that this is not unusual for Europe. I found that comforting as the stay is kind of critical to the mega bonus and me keeping my status for 2017. Then she said something remarkable, "You seem to be missing some of you platinum bonus points, let me put you on hold for a minute." I was on hold for about 3 minutes and when she came back on, she said "Ok they are now all entered". I asked her where she was and she said Utah, I should have got her name but I forgot. When I signed back in she had found and credited 3,524 missing points, and one night stay credit for this year. Now I live pretty close to the edge on keeping my status each year and that one missing night stay could make a difference for me at the end of the year.


All the time she was very nice..