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Did any new Marriott VISA Cardholders receive a postcard today?

Question asked by allit on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by allit

My husband was approved last month for the Marriott Visa and we have been both using the card exclusively the past month with our 7500 additional member bonus posting yesterday.  Today he received a small post card sized letter from Chase Card Services today that says:

"We're writing to provide you with information about your new account, MARRIOTT, which offers a bonus premium for new cardmembers. The terms and conditions associated with the new account states that the premium is only available to new cardmembers. Since our records show that you have taken advantage of this offer or a similar offer within the past two years, your account is not eligible for this premium."


My husband has NEVER had a Marriott card- I got one over six years ago and still occasionally use it when we travel. Why would they send this? I am very concerned as we chose this card specifically for the 80K bonus and intended to make it our primary card. A search on flyer talk had another member stating they also received this postcard today and they had already received their 80K bonus.